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The Value of Urban Forests in Cities Across Canada

Craig Alexander, SVP & Chief Economist, 416-982-8064

Brian DePratto, Economist, 416-944-5069

Date Published: September 24, 2014




  • Urban forests are the trees and other plants found on the streets, in our yards, in parks, and surrounding our major cities.
  • These forests provide a multitude of benefits, enhancing the landscape, reducing pollution, and helping control heating/cooling costs.
  • The greater Halifax, Montreal, and Vancouver areas together contain more than 100 million trees, worth an estimated $51 billion (Halifax: $11.5b; Montreal: $4.5b; Vancouver: $35b).
  • The return on trees is significant: for each dollar spent on maintenance, between $1.88 and $12.70 in benefits are realized each year, depending on the city.

Full report in PDF format is available here.