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WATCH: The Economy Under Pressure

Date Published:  December 2nd, 2021


TD’s Chief Economist, Beata Caranci, shares a client presentation from November 26 that covers three themes:

  1. A global forecast update 
  2. A discussion on the inflationary drivers and how we're interpreting the extended supply chain pressures on the outlook
  3. An overview of global virus developments and potential forecast implications

This presentation was recorded just as the Omicron variant hit the news wires. The final slides of the presentation offer a perspective on the early policy responses to rising infections within countries that have a highly vaccinated population. Hesitancy by policymakers to reimpose harsh or long lockdowns may be capturing a higher risk of an escalation in social unrest. Are we nearing the stage of the pandemic where the combination of vaccines, natural immunity and therapeutics can keep the economic engine running? We'll soon find out.