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WATCH: How Does The Endemic Phase Impact The Economic Outlook?

Date Published:  August 27th, 2021


TD’s Chief Economist, Beata Caranci, shares a client presentation from August 20 that covers three themes:

  1. Peak growth and the implication for the economy and policy.
  2. Are yield curve signals reinforcing a significant economic slowdown?
  3. The economic transition of moving from pandemic to endemic for Canada and the U.S.
    1. U.S economic momentum is being impacted by consumer caution related to the virus resurgence. There's smoke, but no fire.
    2. For Canada, we can't rule out a return to restrictions this fall/winter. Despite a better position than most countries on vaccination rates, lower hospital capacity thresholds mean that the "lows" of other countries still mark the "highs" for Canada. Provinces that proactively implement vaccine requirements through that period stand a better chance of showing resilience.